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    Yin Yang Talismans are Bugged

    During my arena fights, I have realized Yin Yang talismans are working for the all allies instead of the wearer only.
    All allies protection triggers right after the first turn of battle and keeps protecting all allies every turn.

    Doom doesn't work, Mark doesn't work (For example Van Helsing's Mark power move has a guaranteed mark, even I target a non-Yin Yang wearer no marks being applied).

    I can't see any description regarding all allies in talismans. Is this a description problem or a bug?

    I would really appreciate some info about this.
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    Seems like there's some other factor in play.... sometimes they do indeed grant an entire team immunity to marks.. other times, only the wearer. I THINK the difference is battle start... at the start of the battle only the wearer is immune to marks.. after the first turn.. all allies seem immune.
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    The latest Update from Saterlite 15 had this little bit:

    Magus Lord of Light will likely see a lot of continued play until players adjust their defenses to prevent the likes of Dark Ghost and Doom. Yin Talismans, anyone?
    Which might suggest their prevention effects are supposed to be team-wide, and not only personal? Might need some testing. Good starting point there Yup!

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