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Thread: Relics?

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    So I've been leaning hard on relics and almost up 600+ purchase increases on many. I then got a bit suspicious as some seem to have no impact on increases. For example I just purchased defense assassin increases, checked stats on my LOL def and no change. Does this only apply to arena stat increases or did I just waste 6364738890029 worth of arena currency.

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    There is no way, no read out, no number anywhere to see what relics actually do to stats. The ONLY numbers you will see are the % values a relic is supposed to grant.. but there will be no calculated value provided or displayed anywhere. Nothing changes from a visual standpoint in the app. Relics are simply "felt" in how easy some things become... or how much more difficult a battle is BECAUSE you have specific relics. It is all 100% "under the table" and there's no transparency or really even an explanation about their functionality from the devs.

    As a player... I can only observe differences... with relics some areas get much easier.. but some newer areas are much more difficult than they should be. Relics seem to be used as a "baseline" to determine YOUR SPECIFIC difficulty with some aspects of the app.
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    Relic effects get applied during battles. Not quite sure when it gets added onto your stats, but would assume it's increases your base stats before talismans are added?

    On the My Team screen, on the left hand side, near the Sell and Sacrifice buttons, you can check which Relics you have unlocked so far.

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