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Thread: Autoplay issues

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    Autoplay issues

    I decided to create a thread about various annoying things about autoplay so that they can be seen in the same thread. None of these are bugs, but they decrease the fun in the game.

    1. When I auto cosmos levels, finish my sands and go to Odin, autoplay immediately starts there too and costs me a turn. This ruins various strategies and Odin ends up getting damage blocks.

    2. I remember back when I started playing the game, Eddie acted first 90% of the time and the allies usually attacked in order, from left to right. But now it feels like the order of their actions is completely randomised. I know this can be good for people that want a challenge in creating teams to beat those levels, but it looks unfair to the players because the A.I always attacks in a preset order and always targets the unit with least hp.

    3. I wanted to ask developers to remove the chest opening animation between two runs as it is unnecessary and wastes time. But right now they have increased the waiting time to 10 seconds from the previous 3 seconds. So I am going to hold off about that.

    4. Connection error message : this pop-up appears at the end of a run and doesn't go away till I press the ok button. But with the slow servers, it is a frequent issue and defeats the purpose of autoplay as I have to babysit the game. How about making it so that the game presses the ok button by itself so that the babysitting is not required? This will allow for the players to run dungeons overnight even during slow servers.

    I created the thread to give these suggestions to the developers as it can improve the quality of the game. Feel free to add anymore ideas.

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    Would love to have an actual auto play in Skull Quests. We see the button but no option and we have to manually start each and everyone of them. Once you get to a point where you can auto run the last quest it all becomes trivial.

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    If you do an arena battle between autoplay on Cosmos and starting an Odin raid it *should* start on manual - I often use this as a way around. It isn't ideal but it's a workaround at least.
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