hi guys. i need some tips for my team.
just got gambler eddie whom i will equip with warlord and banner talismans.

my other fav toons are gunner minotaur, count dracula and lord of light (gunner, almost fully awakened)
right now gunner has immortal, immunity and cosmic talismans, lol has vorpal immunity and cosmic and count has vorpal immunity and cosmic as well.
could i do better with these?

good toons i have as well are green hierophant (as well as red and assasin) blue and assasin minotaur and alchemist

i also have primordials, steel, eclipse, immortal, lantern and artifact talismans.

ps. can someone tell me why some times when i use count dracula to disable passives of a toon, it is nt disabled. like in van helsing or gambler eddie. what are the opponents using?

thank you for the help beforehand