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    Quote Originally Posted by Muzzleloader View Post
    What are some suggestions on time bomb? Ass Onyx is one, I havent got that far yet to worry about it.
    S. Derby Demon power attack. With added M/G Child of the Damned for extra 2 energy per turn and energy talis to get extra. Clears the 3 power.move challenge too
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    For once, Guy Fawkes is actually pretty worthwhile. Got him equipped with just the bonfire set and he's getting a pretty decent amount of time bombs done, while letting me run a sentinel only team. He also got a few ascension effects in cause of his passive. For immunity, I just piled 2 S. Hieros with Benji while throwing in KP for some curse.

    I'd do all the challenges but considering the horrendeous connection, I'm not really feeling up to it. Time to get your shit together, devs!
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    Concerning Time bomb I found on my team these: Doomsday Ed, Iron Ed and Gambler - W savage reaper, M Pyro Soldier, W Shinobi, S Derby demon
    Not sure, how fast this will work - I am still struggeling with getting connected to the PvP. Finaly Iīve reached 30 wins.... No idea, how to reach 150 wins. Even if it would say "complete 150 Arena fights" it would be still impossible by this inactive server issues.

    I donīt feel comfortable in complaining about this stuff as far as I still have fun with the game (as far as it works), but the idea of bringing in an Arena event while knowing about the many complaints in this forum is.... well, letīs say: surprising.

    Btw: I did not receive my rewards from the Arena ranking the third week in a row. Yes, I know the Pop-up does not come every week, but I checked the Ironite and souls frags... I first felt no need to open a ticket, but it is becoming a running gag - one of so many during the last weeks.
    At least it helps myself to low down my online-time in this game.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AhabsHarpoon View Post
    @Bakura... does this come with a 28.8 Modem Eddie?
    now is that an actual 28.8 or shotgunned 14.4s.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by drrchmnd View Post
    now is that an actual 28.8 or shotgunned 14.4s.....
    LOL..... good point

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lthepostman View Post
    Weak defence set. C'mon let's quickly get those talis and materials👌
    Weak defence also set.

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    Game is currently "Rubbish."
    I could only get 8 arena battles, had to restart game twice.

    My last sentinel battle turned into this:

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    Arena started me midway through a cosmos battle, WTF?

    I still have some gauntlet to finish, but we all know how that will end!

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    That is so horrific it’s brilliant.
    Actually that gives me an idea for a new mode “switch”
    Switch is where you start at any random level in the game and play that until the game bugs out and drops you off into another level (repeat however many times)

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    Yep..... the game just does what it wants to.

    So all weekend and no response from LOTB in their very own thread.
    They are either scared to reply cuz there is no answer to this madness OR there's no one monitoring, they have the weekend off.

    @Yup.... well man, I know the corporate world, and I guarantee you that Steve Harris/Maiden have no idea their game has these issue.
    NF/Navigator just reports to them the stats on how many downloads, how much revenue, and as we have seen in the videos.... the artwork and characters. This is just a revenue tool for the band. They admitted they don't play it.

    Considering it's one mobile game that is geared towards fans of one band, they probably didnt expect it to grow but so big. But Maiden has more fans than almost any other band, and the game is amazing when it works, so even non maiden fans could become players.

    I really believe they can't handle the job of properly running this game, they don't really care cuz the bottom line is $, and they have to work with someone else's buggy code.

    It all adds up to what we currently have.... crap!

    The more events and the worse the game plays.
    They better act fast or the old and the new players will drop like flys.

    The company as a whole should send a statement of apology, acknowledgement, a guarantee of improvement and ofcourse a generous compensation.

    So far we get lame excuses, vague answers, worsening issues, and ofcourse meager compensation.

    Maybe when the whales beach themselves and die off..... they'll realize their screwing up.

    Even if the 30 people at Navigator give 2 sh!tz, I bet the parent company (N. Frog) is only concerned about the "numbers" ...... Every corporate company just wants better figures/stats, and doesn't honestly care about the customers.

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    Itís requirement is six hundred and sixty-six

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    What did I need
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    Gauntlet played, PvP battles waged
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    In the night, not sure Iím wrong or right
    Started all this for fun, wonít stop Ďtill Iím done

    {Chorus} $6.66 the Profit of the Beast
    Point .66 percent of RNG

    Event sac-a-thon, rewards arenít that strong
    Purchase ironite deal, FC on dungeon key

    It wonít be long, with all the rewards won
    The Forum guys are wise, I heed their advice

    {Chorus} $6.66 the Profit of the Beast
    $6.66 Just fix the bugs at least

    Iím coming back, have sands to burn
    And Iíll possess the tools to win before your turn

    I have relics, I have the Tals
    I have the Toons to rank top level, ETERNAL!!!

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    image by AhabsHarpoon .... one cool mofo!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yup View Post
    See I don't buy the "they are too small" idea. Server farms exist.. cloud sharing and split server loads are NOT new concepts. You don't have to be a behemoth like Google or Marvel to have a decent server farm. You can rent a farm... and they ARE making money, hand over fist I suspect. In addition, you can't convince me that Iron Maiden doesn't have funds to invest if they feel it's important enough to promote via a tour.

    I think it's complete incompetence. They have server engineers and employees they may feel loyal to, but CLEARLY aren't aware of how to handle lots of traffic. They need to hire someone with experience that knows their job rather than supporting employees that they may have had for years and don't want to demote. Business is business and at this point the impotence of their server engineers is costing them business.

    I can deal with the issues around rollover. It's understood that for that hour or so, traffic spikes considerably.. I actually can no longer get into the app at all until at least 30 minutes past the daily rollover. It's been that way for a few weeks now. But 3-8 hours later the issues should no longer be present.
    Yup. The decision makers should read this post a couple times. The Awakening feature is certainly generating cash, probably more than any other gimmick.
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