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    Toss-up between Pharaoh Eddie and Beast Eddie. Beast is too dangerous to autogrind with now, wipes out his team to nuke an opponent. Pharaoh is still a badass, he was captain of The Wrecking Crew when all I had was a few basic toons. Still put him in when I need reliable Invincibility. When Phantom, Oni and Mystic arrived I began to diversify.

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    As people have said, great thread! I've not been here in many moons, so just now seeing it.

    Quote Originally Posted by osiris0000 View Post
    My first ever maxed character, PSS (a.k.a Pharaoh Sun Spirit). In fact he is not forgotten for myself, I still use him in some dungeons, in my opinion PSS is the best 1 star character ever.
    I remember well how jealous I was that you had this fomo max-sharded... skill shards were A LOT harder to come by, back then! lol I still use this boy as my first choice when farming the worm dungeon.

    For me though, my hero was always Speed of Light Eddie (My first max-sharded character, and first character I evolved to 5 stars), and he used to ride with Axis Commander (Corrupt General) and Wicker Dog Queen (who I liked better than Pharaoh Dog King, because of her multi-hitting) for the magic buff. These three were the first team I beat ol' Beasty with, and were my mainstays for a long time. While Speedy's awakening has made him better than ever, the other two have been collecting dust for years. I need to revisit that puppy and show her some love! lol

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