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Whatever's going on with the servers seems like it's taking forever to fix... but maybe implementing something that doesn't waste half an unattended key because inventory full of bullcrap talismans would make us feel better about playing such a glitchy game!
Yeah, while it's understandable to want the devs top drop everything and fix what we see as the biggest problem, that's unlikely to be realistic. Game development tends to be a fairly arcane and misunderstood field. Not everyone on the development team would be an expert in online systems coding, and those other members can keep working on other parts of the game without slowing down that side of things. Not going to defend holding an arena event right in the middle of some of the worst connection issues in recent memory though :P

Being able to Auto-Sell talismans is a really nice idea. I've ran into problems with talisman inventory while running Troopers though Powerslave, can only imagine how much worse that would be if you were using a time limited key.