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    Labyrinth Dungeon-Pics/Rewards/Strategy/Teams/Achievements

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    Welcome to the

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    The Labyrinth Dungeon (est. 11/09/19)

    “Follow the Yellow Brick Road”

    …you want yellow 3* talisman evo shards a.k.a. bricks?
    This dungeon is the best place to get them! It also offers the purple (and colorless) 3* talisman evo shards, as well as Labyrinth & Sacred talismans, Cosmic talisman Evolution items, Awakening fragments, Cosmic talisman fragments and Rare souls. Plus, it also drops the dungeon standards of ironite, skill shards, frontier coins, gold, sands of time and bellybutton lint (just checking to see if you were paying attention.)

    Are you going to take the Labyrinth challenge?
    Complete the required 300 runs per character to earn your very own
    Fallen Icarus Eddie!

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    I recommend a team suggested by Mk Ultra:

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    My best time out of 2 keys was 1:34 on Auto.
    Avg. time was 2:00 to 2:30 on Auto.
    99% win rate.

    Gunner Only Achievement Team

    Hallowed ED – Orbits
    Angel Ed – (as ride-along)
    G. Minotaur – Redemption/Sacred/Cosmic
    G. Lilith – Fortune/Cosmic with Life passive/Green
    G. Angel of Mercy – Sustain/Inspiration/Cosmic

    *G. Lord of Light or Wrathchild can be substituted for the G. Minotaur.

    Please post your own teams/strategy/times/pics below.
    Good Luck and ….

    “Fly, on your way like an eagle,
    Fly and touch the sun”

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