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My silly issue here is that I am trying to save my self a key in Lab dungeon. Today I got my team that is 100% auto and so was looking to get around 34 runs per key. I had managed 23/33 and a couple of losses yesterday. Changed the team order today and was getting no losses and decent times so I though if I could get my per key up to around 35/36 (which is ow possible) I could save myself a key and FC as at current rate I need maybe 5-6 spare runs to get to 200......look like I will need to do it due toMACL11 today....no biggie really but it's just annoying as it could save lots of folk a key if we can all get 34/36 a run.
Agree, should have been able to finish the Airstrip yesterday but all the problems cost me an extra 2 keys I figured.
Viral isn't so bad since it's based on runs, not time.

I'm planning on running some Raven's Alter tonight, but if my first key runs into too many delays with issues I'll postpone that for a while.