Iíd like to publicly and personally apologize to a few forum members.

Natasmai, for belittling your winning Gauntlet because I got upset at your response to Zamasu. Itís a very respectable and difficult thing to win gauntlet. And you almost won it again which is insane. Not sure who beat you or how but it takes a very strategic player to do that at that level.

Discordian and the Romeroís Legion Clan for the dick move of first coming to your discord server and pretending I wasnít in a clan so I could join yours, and second for posting screen caps of a private conversation trivializing when you said you were in a secret society and making a joke about it.
If youíre an anonymous hacktivist or something like that well thatís pretty damn cool.

So sorry guys I was in a rare mood at that time. You donít have to acknowledge my apology or anything I just wanted to do it because we are all Maiden and gaming fans here and I was a major ass those couple of days.