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    Cyborg Event (Newbe helping Newbe's)

    Here so far is my teams I have won with. (I have been playing solidly for about 3 months so not strictly newbe)

    Normal - Insanity (In order)
    Onyx Son - Celestial
    Alexander Eddie - Lycan / Sacred
    Lucifer (non Awakened) - Fate / Sacred / Cosmic (Hp+15)
    Warewolf - Ying / Yang

    All max lvl/shards/talismans

    98/100 on Insanity ave run 2:00

    Gunner Norm Team
    Pharaoh Dog King - Persecution - Crystal - Cosmic (Hp+15)
    Navigator - Ying / Yang
    Prisoner - Primordial
    Irigami,Dog Spirit - Mimic - Advantage

    Assassin Hard Team
    Derby Demon - Fate - Enduring
    Beast Eddie - Eclipse
    The Count - Warlord - Energy - Cosmic (+5% All Stats)
    Warewolf - Ying / Yang

    Ill keep this updated as far as I can go.
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    Looks like a decent time. I'm running a similar team but no Lucifer. Any suggestions to speed up my run times? I'm using the witch and she has awesome damage, but think I need to remove whatever buffs are keeping the enemy alive a few rounds.

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    My team works pretty good on Insanity Auto:

    Hallowed Ed (Orbit)
    Awakened Tier 9 Cosmic LoL (Singularity)
    Magus Pyro Soldier (Vipers, Freeze Cosmic)
    Assassin Werewolf (Yin and Yang)

    Works like clockwork, no babysitting, clear time is approx 2:30ish

    Substitute units
    1) Subbing Hallowed for Mystic, Celestial and Fate Cosmic, works if you don't mind baby sitting.
    2) Subbing the LoL for the Corrupt Feldmarchal, Singularity, works okay.
    3) Subbing the Magus Pyro for the Sentinel Robo Scout, Greed + Warlord, works okay.

    If you don't have any/most of the units listed, maybe this could help:
    1) Orbits are crucial for avoiding getting nuked by Cyborg Ed, try to work them in somehow.
    2) If you don't have Orbits, focus on heals and survivability; Yin and Yang talis, Oracle talis, Greed talis, Tower talis, The Madam's passive, Redan's basic to name a few.
    3) Talis/toons with revive effects (Brave talis, Saint talis, Fate talis, Gunner Onyx Son, Icarus, Warrior Shinobi, Breeg Ed to name some options) could work well, as the only way to get "permadeathed" is by Cyborg Ed's Tase basic (Fear effect)

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    from 1:51 min to 2:30 100% auto Insanity:
    Oni ED (singularity)
    Musashi (Forge, Cosmic Echo)
    Inugami (Space)
    Werewolf Assassin (starfire)

    Android for some reason the same team is faster than if you play on Iphone.
    the exact order for Auto 100% is Musashi, Oni Ed, Inugami, Werewolf.
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