I previously posted in the Memes thread about having a "remove all" option when unloading talis on a toon. Then a "load all" option when loading a set or be able to tap any 6 you want then hit "load."

Also, change that BOMBASTIC sound effect!!! I use the sounds in the game to help confirm my actions, but that freaking explosion gives you headache after hours of Gauntlet.

Please Devs, simplify and update this archaic method of talisman changing.
It may have been fine back when there weren't so many talis and there was no gauntlet, but now it's just comparable to the 1908 turn crank to start your 2020 Chevy Camaro.

The talisman changing makes me loathe the Gauntlet.... especially the delay caused by the game processor bogged down from the animations & sound efx. of the talisman changing.

Btw Devs, the new art and characters etc. look nice, I love the game, as of today the stable server connections make it enjoyable again. Thanks for all you guys do.