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    effect transfers when swapping out eddies issues.....

    this is taking place in the current insanity dungeon BUT from what I am noticing it is really a global type item. It may be more prevalent in certain locations than others (which would actually be worse)

    Ok the line up... derby demon w/orbit, carriage rider eddie w/misc, alchemist w/starfire, mariner w/misc. tag alongs are grim reaper eddie and eddie the great neither with anything interesting on them.

    Couple of instances of this happening. G Child of the damned swapped out eddies to get the heal block effect and Eddie takes damage but no one else. And again swapped out eddies to reaper because of the resurrection feature but cyborg eddie pulls out a pyramid and POOF wipes out eddie. Issue with this is the fury effect is true damage and the orbit talisman blocks true damage. How does this happen. There is no method of blocking, countering, or disabling a talisman like orbit to my knowledge. The orbit does not have a rounds limit or anything to that extent that I am aware of. Passive disable and related items are "fixed" so that they don't interfere with talismans anymore. This leaves pretty much only one possibility and that is when swapping the eddies out the effects are not transfering like they should be.

    I have also noticed that effects (both neg/pos) occasionally change to something else when doing this. Meaning you had a heal buff plus immunity and say accuracy down with perfect corruption and suddenly the positives are gone and you have doom added to the mix. Or something weird along those lines. Just odd changes in the vulns and buffs when there shouldn't be any.

    Tied into this is the glitch of when swapping an Eddie out in the first round of battle it decides that you can't switch back to the original Eddie you were using when you haven't performed any action with the new Eddie. Gotta love it.
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