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    How would you change Coalgiver Eddie?

    Self explainatory.
    How would you like to see coalgiver changed so he would be worth waiting an entire year for the chance of getting him? Be it his abilities, talisman slots, stats, whatever.

    I would personaly like to see him play a more supportive roll but to also be able to "combo" like hallowed eddie but just not as good.
    Change examples.

    Basic abilities
    Iceball: The same but 15% chance to gain an extra turn.
    Coal fling: 75% chance to inflict perfect silence, 50% chance to inflict 1-3 random burn effects, 15% to gain an extra turn.
    Re-gift: Grants 1-3 random allies 1-3 random heal effects, cleanse targeted ally including silver effects. 35% to gain an extra turn.

    Power abilities
    Little helper: Deals damage to all enemies, Removes all shield effects before dealing damage, Inflicts permadeath. Increased cost.
    Holy sign: Heals all allies, cleanse all allies including silver effects, grants a random golden defensive effect to each ally. Increased cost from 5 to 7.
    Frostbite: Same but grants blizzard shield, (maybe we should disscus this shield too).

    Naughty or nice: the same but 25% to grant each ally an extra turn

    Don't know how good these changes would be but like I said, please give your ideas!
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