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    Quote Originally Posted by Muzzleloader View Post
    I was told some players were actually using the sandworms, since the primordials were so powerful.
    While I didn't level up a sandworm, I remember leveling up just about anyone with 3 yellow talisman slots to use them. I'm pretty sure they stacked initially when using multiple sets.
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    Quote Originally Posted by teys285 View Post
    Has anyone got any Primordial drops? I was very excited when I saw that they were rewards, because I don't have any, but I didn't have any drops whatsoever. I'm half way throgh the 400 runs and no sign of talis... I'm only able to auto duel the Hard, but even when I manually do the Madness, i don't get the damn talisman... Are they really that rare, or I'm very, very unlucky?
    I got a set earlier this year and with the recent event dungeon that had them as drops i got another 13 of them, its been the same with some of the others when they put them in event dungeons: valor, eternal, and eclipse i got 2 full sets of each just from this years event dungeons


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