Don't know if it's correct forum to ask this, but I'll ask anyway.

Hi, I played LotB for a while now, but never really got into all of it's systems. I mostly played events and in the meantime progressed through cosmos stages. So I thought that i should try out arena(tried it before, but just for daily quests and without dedication) and learn those systems that way. Problem is, i got even more confused...

Best I got is Warlord I. It was one time, and since then I usually pull of Warlord V. The thing is, i don't understand more often than i would like what's happening during battle. I look what talis enemy team has, what skills those characters have, and follow buffs/debuffs that are applied, yet still sometimes my whole team can die to a single attack despite nothing(as far as i could see) suggesting it should happen(ex. attack was to single target, no talis to influence that, no debuffs on my team to make it happen or buffs on enemies) or other crazy things(ex. eddie didn't ressurect despite having perfect immortality and nothing that would take it away during killing blow(no res block either)). Can't provide exact details tho, it was some time ago.

In all of this, I would love someone to clear this out for me. For start, if someone could see my roster and give me some clues as to what characters(and talis) to use and why i would appreciate that.

Username: zeregzesis-8799

My relics are:
Health lv.5
Magic lv.1
Special lv.1
Attack lv.2
Defence lv.1

I have ~8k spare IC, but i heard that relics can make PvE harder, so i haven't bought more.