I have attempted to submit several support tickets the past month or two through the Support button in the app.
I used to get an email confirmation when I would submit a ticket. Lately I get no confirmation and I am getting no responses to my requests for assistance.

I purchased an awakening pack for real money from the store, did NOT receive the items in game. I have the bill from Apple and can see in my inventory that the items were never delivered. Sent in a support ticket. Received no confirmation email, still don't have the items. There is a new purchase I would like to make, but I'm reluctant to with this, and previous, open issues hanging unresolved. This is the first problem I've run into that had real money attached to it so I actually care more about resolving this issue.

Is the support button bugged on some systems?

Previous tickets I've submitted have not either given a confirmation and still have no response. I know a lot has been bugged/broken the past couple months so I assumed they were swamped with support tickets. Now I am wondering if the tickets I've submitted are being received at all. Sometimes the text from tickets I submit show up in my Sent box of the email account, other times they do not show up.

I am one of the people that believes in supporting the game while I am enjoying it. It is frustrating to make a real cash purchase and get nothing for it and not get any support response at all.

Is there a way to see what tickets you have in the support queue?