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    Time of inactivity before deleting

    I was wondering about how many days of inactivity do you all wait before deleting a trooper? (Assuming they didn't warn you they are going on holiday or a business trip, etc.). I was thinking 5-7 days but I'm still uncertain-I want to give them the benefit of the doubt.
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    2-3 days I can understand they've got other things going on. 5-7 days it just looks like they don't play anymore.

    If you drop them, it's only one spot they have to fill--there's plenty of daily players out there.
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    I honestly don't check my Troopers often at all.. but when I do check.. 3 days. It's entirely possible for someone to not play for 5-10-15 days and still be my Trooper due to how rarely I even look at that.
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    I’ve had the same Troopers for so long I rarely even check them. With the Guild feature I started to dump a few to pick up some guild members. Even so, it also depends on whether they run an Eddie or support character. I’ll dump a support character user that’s missing half the time solely because I hate having to change my party to accommodate their champ. Especially if I’m running a dungeon that requires a particular setup.

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