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    Quote Originally Posted by Yup View Post
    ...I'm sitting on more than 350 skill shards with no characters to use them on...
    I... just feel... ENVY, yes, that's it. I am a skill shard beggar. I could have 100 now, and spend all of them and I will still need 100 more in 2 hours.

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    I have done this a few times - not on all of the sac but on one or two to get it to a Ultimate or just below that level. I too have like well over 1k SS so they are not a concern ever and they drop som much these days....I do stil have to do all my dupes and a few are sitting with none at the moment as I just upgraded a batch for the event but I will get there! if only I was as rich in Gold and Ironite like I once was....!
    Missing the following characters (well the ones I want!):

    Lone Star - Mystic Flame Eddie - Thor Eddie
    Krampus - Minotaur - Cosmic Shinob - Plague Doctor Harpy - Valhalla Maiden - Madame Fortune

    "We oil the jaws of the war machine and feed it with our babies" - Two Minutes to Midnight - Powerslave


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