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    Let us buy ALL items in the store

    It's so damn boring to farm the same dungeon (f.e. Labyrinth Dungeon) to get needed stuff (f.e. colored 3* evolution shards).
    What about dropping Gold & Ironite EVERYWHERE and buy EVERYTHING in the store?
    We collect so many useless stuff while farming day by day the same stupid dungeon and can only sell this useless items for a little bit of Gold.
    It would be easier to find talismans and shards etc. in the store than to find out what dungeon drops what items or to wait 7 (!!!) days to play the specific dungeon (LOL).
    More and more awakenable toons are developed, but the droprates of awakenable materials are so damn low.
    We need too much time to get it all while every month more and more farm-events are announced with higher and higher needed fragments.

    Pls STOP it!!!
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