Merry Christmas to you a couple of days late, oh our excellent developers! Have I come across an idea for next year's Christmas Dungeon!

I give you the gift of the knowledge of the Icelandic Christmas tradition of the 13 Yule Lads, and, most especially, their epic, Godzilla-scaled pet, Jólakötturinn, the Yule Cat! These Krampus-esque entities could surely provide endless fodder for a potential new dungeon, and the sheer number of potential new characters (and the potential trials of earning them) would certainly relate well to the spirit of the Yule Cat's myth itself, (that of hard work paying off, as this giant kitty ate those who did not have new clothes in time for Christmas). If there is a more metal Christmas tradition in the world than these stories, I have yet to come across it!

Behold the stories most excellently presented for your consideration HERE and HERE.

Up the Irons!