Actually I think this applies to a few more talisman than just labyrinth...

complete immunity (for 2 rounds) can be yours for the low low low price of a VH eddie and a set of labyrinth talismans... yes i am probably late to this one but its the first time I have encountered it.

it works like this... VH Ed has two turns damage immunity... cross that with a labyrinth talisman which has a 60% chance for no damage and you have a potential for complete immunity from everything. Hit him with The Count who has perfect passive disable and it doesn't stick. And nope didn't have immunity active either so toss that one out.

Which aspect is the culprit here I am not sure of. Just know I can land effects on a character with labyrinth (gotta love DoT stuff) and I know I can hit VH Ed and disable the passive. But when VH Ed has the labyrinth talisman on can't hit him to disable the passive.

Something here is basically causing attacks to "miss" or something.