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    Quote Originally Posted by aur0ra85 View Post
    I'm thinking this game is getting dropped. :/
    i wouldn't be too pessimistic, the iron maiden context should create a great fan base which is patient and is likely to spend some money on the game, if it's fun. so it should be a potential money maker, if it's good .
    and the game would be fantastic, if they fix the differens problems, tune it a little and release some new exiting and motivating features and daily challanges.

    the company would be really stupid to drop this, it would be a huge blunder if you ask me...anyway since the release the first devs did a really poor job, but i think, that things will be better soon, so let's wait for the news that will come in the next days.
    i think it will go in the right direction, at least i want to belive that this will be the case :-)

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    I hope it doesn't get dropped I like it. I am waiting to see what they say in the next few days.

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