Moonchild was created by someone who does not understand and may not even like games. We have all of these fantastic characters with Power and Fury moves. It made playing the game rich because more decision had to be made (making resource decisions with power and fury and considering how much special stats you had to have on characters). But now with everyone having Moonchild (and most have fully awakened), the game will just be point and click. All those fun power moves and Fury moves--the visuals--gone.
And you can say, well just kill him and then you'll have your moves. Well, he is always the last to die (because of Labyrinth), and then it is just point and click 15-25 times until he dies. Sure I could put Quantum on a character. But that character won't have enough HP to survive because I'd still have to do this for multiple rounds until he potentially dies. Sure I could take the Prisoner in, but that usually doesn't work.

NF--You've just ruined Arena with a character.
So now you'll have to create another character to take away Moonchild's passive ability. But then we'll all have to have that character and Moonchild.
My recommendation--nerf him. Other game developers do this after realizing they made a mistake on a character.
My recommendation for the nerf would be allowing a passive disable at any time (not just the first turn). That would be a good start. Then a character like the Blue Hierophant or passive disabling talisman would be more useful against him.
I'm not saying he is too strong or uber. He just ruins the game by making it point and click, and he has has taken the fun out of it.
Someone who knows games would not have created him. Someone who knows games would know that it is wise to get rid of that passive, opening the game up once again.
Anyone agree?