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Thread: Good bye

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    Good bye

    Hi guys and good bye!

    I am thankful to NF they made me realize how futile this game is when they tried to force me to (auto)run the Bounty Hunter Eddie dungeon 1000+ times. What for? For a character that I'd play maybe once in two weeks in Gauntlet? Or maybe in some future crazy dungeon "run this 9999+ times"?

    Well, this used to be fun, now it is only second full time job (and I need to pay for it!!) and I fell too much behind my life in the last year due to playing it hardcore.

    Even ending it was too much time consuming: I sacrificed all my characters during the last sac event. And together with the souls it was constantly giving me, it took me around 6 hours get rid of characters, souls and characters again! I tried to record it and you can find the recording here:
    (The video is only 4:49:45, as the recording of the first part got broken and I couldn't work with it).

    If you want to get bored by sheer number of Vortexes, or you just want to see what are the odds of drawing your desired characters, you are welcome to watch it. At the end I summoned over 1000+ regular rare souls, plus hundreds of colour ones, Legendary, Mythicals.... Funny part is I still didn't get Raven Witch or G Minotaur. Not even after all these summonings. And you know how it is here - no Raven Witch, no fun and lots of struggles to win too many of the dungeons without her.

    At the end i also purchased 8 Banner packs just to warn new players to never buy those. Strange enough, one pack was successfull in summoning the 5* character and one gave me the talis. But in general - it is a crappy deal.

    Time wasting aspect was present also when I was dismissing all my troopers - with only 5 allowed to remove from my list it took me 10 days. Fellow Troopers - thank you for sharing ride with me during last 18 months.

    I guess I would leave the game much sooner, if it weren't for all you guys here, at this forum. You are a great community and your energy would be spent in a far better way.

    Also, I must thank to Andy and especially to Sam from NF Support. They are doing great job, pro-customer approach and everything. They just do it for a product that is not worth their effort.

    Anyway, I'm done. Thank you for your support here at the forums or through PMs. Now I'm back to HOMAM III. That is still a game, not a job.

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    Good luck to you, Segoy! I get it! You should have just sold everything for gold to see how much it would have amounted to. Would’ve been quicker. Lol. That’s how I’ll go out.

    Sorry to lose you from the Clan, but it’s not really anything more than another storefront.

    Best of luck to you out there! Stay Maiden and Up the Irons!

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    Well goodbye then, segoy.

    It’s always hard and sad to see a fellow leave but I completely understand your points. The game is a real slot machine and if you want to succeed, it forces to pay. If you don’t, just of course, like still a lot of players, you simply get and stay far behind.

    I wish you all the best. Maybe after a break, and riding through the real world, you‘ll come back. 😂 We‘re here waiting and grinding 😝

    Regards and horns up 🤘🏻, man.
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    Always a bummer to lose a trooper, but i understand your actions, so, go and enjoy
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    At least you have a recording of it. When this game sunsets it will be brighter than a thousand suns, then blackness—all in the blink of an eye. And it will just be a memory 😉

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