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    2020 Preview

    The only reason I play LotB is for the artwork, specifically the Eddie fury animations that bring cover art to life. The past few events have gone the direction of Eddies with passives, artwork variant or becoming awakened. New Eddies with fury animations are less and less.

    With 400+ characters and more variations of characters being added and awakened the roster is overwhelming.

    New talismans are making characters harder to kill, only adding to the time and difficulty of already long boring and repetitive battles.
    Talisman management is also burdensome and confusing.

    Clans are going to be grouped based Arena battles, long boring and repetitive due to stronger characters and talismans.

    Cost and grinding for Awakening materials is too expensive and time consuming.

    Events and event dungeons have become increasingly time and resource consuming on top of all other time and resource consuming areas of the game.

    Iím giving game a few more months on hopes and rumors a new Iron Maiden studio album is coming and game will reflect that with new content.
    But, otherwise my days and interest with the game are declining...

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    I play this game just to collect eddies. Hell, i just spent all my frontiers and ironite just for NotB because i love him. But for a while I just don't like new Eddies because I don't understand the 'lore' behind them. Why create a Thor or Guy Fawkes Eddies when we're still missing official eds? Live at Donnington, Maiden England Biker, Purgatory/Hallowed be thy name single, Different World single, and i'm sure i'm missing a lot

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