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    Remember the good old days when taunt, thorn shields, and the prisoner were the only complaints about arena?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zugzwang View Post
    I faced a single Mayan Priestess years ago who kept enduring herself and I couldnít remove it because I didnít bring the right toons. If you know there will be endure that must be removed or anything else that has to be removed and wonít expire, you have to bring a toon capable of removing it and hope it survives long enough to do it.
    Yup, was just unlucky that he got nuked, but that's how it goes. My one guy against an unkillable squad although that's kinda my point. It doesn't happen every time and if it does well then the other guy wins. You kill the endure before that then maybe you win. In OP's example of Moonchild there are ways to get around Labyrinth and I think the issue is the Talisman set rather than the character.

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