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    Legacy of the Beast - State of the Nation - January 2020 Update

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    Welcome Troopers to the first State of the Nation of 2020. From all of us at the studio, we hope you all enjoyed the Holiday season and are ready to jump into the New Year with us.

    Since October’s Clan update and the last State of the Nation, we have been working on and releasing these updates as frequently as they were ready, addressing as many issues as we could. Here is a quick list of some of the bigger bug fixes that have been released:

    • Passive Disable fixes - This was an issue that was most prevalent with Angel Eddie but not restricted to him. In short, sometimes your own teams could get passive disabled when you had a character that was meant to prevent the enemy from gaining Immunity effects.
    • Removed the option to accidentally use an entire stack of Frontier keys in one summon from the Book of Souls.
    • Fixes were deployed for the Missions and Achievements tabs to re-enable tracking of Challenges and Achievements.
    • Added improvements with logic based Soul Sorting in the Book of Souls.

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    Launch of Compendium and upcoming improvements.

    Creating and launching the Compendium was an awesome start to what we want as a companion for the game. We have plans, some of them to be released imminently, that should increase its value for you, our players. Some of these upcoming features are as follows!

    • Character and talisman pages will have more detailed filters
    • Max stats on character and talisman pages will be available
    • By popular demand, Character pages will have a where to find section
    • Various styling improvements and MORE!

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    Launch of Clans

    Since the last State of the Nation post, we released Clans and some quality of life fixes including standardizing the rollovers for Daily Check-Ins and fixed the lag that could occur from clicking on the Clans button.

    Here are some fun Clan stats since launch:

    • You have collectively purchased 7680 Tribute Souls, 226,297 Clan Souls and players have an average saved Tribute total of 150-200.
    • The Top 5 most popular purchases from the Clan store are… Thor Eddie Fragments [Go figure], Awakening Souls, Valhalla Soul Fragments, Frontier coins and Clan Souls.
    • There are currently 636 Active Clans with an average membership of 24 members and average rank of 10. 407 of these Clans are full with 30 active members!

    New and upcoming for Clans

    Clan Event Challenges were delayed to focus on many of the quality of life issues specified above, but now we are full steam ahead for release. Both this feature, Clan chat and Raid Boss will be coming in the next couple of updates.

    Clan Event Challenges will add different ways to get Clan Tributes, Clan XP and more!

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    We also have plenty of other incredible characters coming in the first half of the year to support the Clans feature. Continuing the Norse Pantheon of Gods, here is a Concept piece of Freya with her overly large furry companion, her Skogkatt.

    But wait there’s more…

    The team is also working on other Quality of Life improvements for some high impact Arena issues including incorrectly applied talisman effects, Passive effects not applying correctly after reviving, and more. Along with these changes, there will be improvements to other aspects of the game including Talisman inventory management.

    Aside from the new content for Clans, the introduction to both Isle of Avalon and Silent Planet are currently on the late 2020 Roadmap! These are planned to introduce even more new and exciting ways to play the game. The art team has been creating some jaw-dropping art concepts and models for Silent Planet so we feel like we should share some of it with you!

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    These unfinished but EPIC characters will be featured with the Silent Planet release.

    We will also have new content to support the Iron Maiden 2020 Tour.

    Server Stability improvement plans

    The Engineering team has been working continuously, since the last State of the Nation, on the server stability updates that have been released over these last couple months. These improvements will remain a high priority for them as we continue into the coming year.

    Along with stability improvements, the team has plans for faster server response times, better communicated errors and improved log in speeds after a restart.

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    In the last 4 months we have introduced some new Community Initiatives including the Weekly News Frontier, and Character Spotlight videos. We appreciate the positive feedback regarding this content so we can’t wait to make more of them for you!

    Speaking of which, it is almost time to vote for which Eddie you wish to see eligible for Awakening. The team is working on curating a list that will be available in a weekly Updates from the News Frontier post. This will be a great opportunity to breathe new life into an older character you may have loved but have since forgotten.

    Lastly we would like to thank all the players that have submitted feedback on the game and its features. We would like to encourage more of this as your ideas might just be the ones that we need to create a better gaming experience for all our players.

    Signing off,

    The Legacy of the Beast Team

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