Hi Folks, newbie to the forum.

been playing the game for a few months now and got a fair amount of characters

completed all lord of light up to x and all brave new world dungeons, all campaigns completed up to night city (hard) still some skulls to finish

looking to build up talismans for the following

Soldier Eddie 5* lv100 maxxed skills and 5 x 5* talismans
Wickerman 5* lv100 maxxed skills
Killer Beast 5* lv100
Storm Eddie 5* lv97
Viking Eddie 5* lv83
Lady Azov 5* lv61
Angel of pain 5* lv96 (magus)
Angel of strife 5* lv77 (sentinel)
Werewolf 5* lv21 (magus)

any help on known good configs for damage/defence for pvp/gauntlet be greatly appreciated as currently can only get to acolyte 1 in arena and grade c in gauntlet before i get my arse royally kicked lol

ta muchly