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    Quote Originally Posted by Durandal_LOTB View Post
    Happy trails, Troopers!

    For any newcomers, check out our Awakening Feature Guide for context.

    In response to player feedback, I have acquired data sheets to help specify the number and type of required materials needed for upgrading each of your characters and talismans - sorted by class and type. Hopefully this will help you plan out our resource gathering needs to bring your characters and talismans to their maximum potential.

    Feel free to use this as a point of reference until we are able to include such information in the Compendium as well as in-game wherever possible.

    Character Evolution & Awakening Material Requirements

    Attachment 8031
    Attachment 8036

    Talisman Evolution Material Requirements

    Attachment 8030
    could you please update this table with actual troopers and required materials? e.g. i dont know which material i need to awake king edward, bahpomet etc..

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    Can this thread be updated to include newer Characters and their awake able materials. And where if any the final material drops, like Avalon, eternal, hallowed, Celtic awoken Shards
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