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    Quote Originally Posted by Durandal_LOTB View Post
    Happy trails, Troopers!

    For any newcomers, check out our Awakening Feature Guide for context.

    In response to player feedback, I have acquired data sheets to help specify the number and type of required materials needed for upgrading each of your characters and talismans - sorted by class and type. Hopefully this will help you plan out our resource gathering needs to bring your characters and talismans to their maximum potential.

    Feel free to use this as a point of reference until we are able to include such information in the Compendium as well as in-game wherever possible.

    Character Evolution & Awakening Material Requirements

    Attachment 8031
    Attachment 8036

    Talisman Evolution Material Requirements

    Attachment 8030
    could you please update this table with actual troopers and required materials? e.g. i dont know which material i need to awake king edward, bahpomet etc..

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    Can this thread be updated to include newer Characters and their awake able materials. And where if any the final material drops, like Avalon, eternal, hallowed, Celtic awoken Shards
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    The support for this game is a bit lackluster and they are behind even on updating the in game help. I came back to the game two months ago after a year or so off and Awakening existed before I left but now there are a wide assortment of awakenable characters and fragments needs for their final stage.

    I'm wondering if anyone has compiled a list of the different Awakening shards and where (if) they drop and which are event only.

    Ex. I know Rebel Awakening shards for Guy Fawkes Eddie are only event and were available recently. I also know that Cyborg Awakening Shards can be found in Cosmic Talisman Frontier Dungeon, but there are a lot of gaps in my knowledge of what you can get where, who needs what and what ones to jump on if they're ever in the store.

    The ones I know for sure are:

    Lord of Light Awakening Fragments - Lord of Light Frontier Dungeon
    Powerslave Awakening Fragments - Powerslave Frontier Dungeon
    Hell Awakening Shards - Infernal Frontier Dungeon
    Shinobi Awakening Fragments - Samurai Frontier Dungeon
    Wicker Awakening Fragments - Raven's Altar Frontier Dungeon
    Occult Awakening Fragments - Mystic Night Frontier Dungeon, Sacrifice Reward Store (100 Alchemist Frags each, 6 per month)
    Nautical Awakening Fragments - Final Journey Frontier Dungeon
    Trooper Awakening Fragments - Trooper Frontier Dungeon
    Medieval Awakening Fragments - Fallen Fortress Frontier Dungeon
    Greek Awakening Fragments - Labyrinth Frontier Dungeon
    Norse Awakening Fragments - Road to Valhalla Frontier Dungeon, Clan Store (100 Tribute each, 2 per week)
    Heaven Awakening Fragments - Clan Store (100 Tribute each, 2 per week)
    Night City Awakening Fragments - Baphomets Bar Frontier Dungeon
    Eternity Awakening Fragments - Eternal Frontier Dungeon

    Celestial Awakening Fragments - Awakening Souls
    Festive Awakening Fragments - Event Exclusive, Possibly Awakening Souls
    Avalon Awakening Fragments - Event Exclusive, Possibly Awakening Souls
    Celtic Awakening Fragments - Event Exclusive
    Hallowed Awakening Fragments - Event Exclusive
    Strange Land Awakening Fragments - Event Exclusive
    Rebel Awakening Fragments - Event Exclusive
    Offworlder Awakening Fragments - Buy Only
    Ale Awakening Fragments - Buy Only

    I may be missing a few Fragments but no idea which and who they're for. Which brings me back to the second part where there is no comprehensive list of which awakenable characters needs what Fragments, so does anyone have a comprehensive list by any chance?

    I've gone through all of the news articles on the site since awakening started and was able to put together an almost comprehensive list.

    Lord of Light Awakening Fragments - 6 LOLs (3 each), Lucifer (6), Dark Lilith (6), Cosmic Lilith (6)
    Celestial Awakening Fragments - Moonchild (3)
    Hell Awakening Fragments - The Beast (6), The Prisoner (6), Number of the Beast Eddie, Oni Eddie (And Shinobi), The Killer Beast,
    Cyborg Awakening Fragments - Cyborg Eddie (6), Cosmic Cyborg Eddie
    Occult Awakening Fragments - The Alchemist (6), Grim Reaper Eddie
    Powerslave Awakening Fragments - Horus (6), Osiris, Pharaoh Eddie, Mummy Eddie
    Shinobi Awakening Fragments - Mitsuko, Cosmic Shinobi (6), Oni Eddie (And Hell),
    Wicker Awakening Fragments - The Wicker Man (6), Wicker Wolf Evolved (6), Wicker Ox Evolved (6), Wicker Owl Evolved (6), Raven Witch (6)
    Greek Awakening Fragments - Daedalus (6), Icarus
    Norse Awakening Fragments - Thor Eddie (6), Odins, Viking Eddie, Ragnar Lothbrok
    Medieval Awakening Fragments - Executioner Eddie, Edward the Great
    Trooper Awakening Fragments - Baroness Redan, Sevastopol, Lady Azov
    Nautical Awakening Fragments - Navigator Eddie, The Ancient Mariner
    Heaven Awakening Fragments - 6 Baphomets
    Festive Awakening Fragments - Tiny Tim, The Happy Holibeast, Dark Advent Lilith
    Eternal Awakening Fragments - Eternity Eddie
    Celtic Awakening Fragments - Clansman Eddie
    Paranoia Awakening Fragments - Piece of Mind Eddie, Ghost of the Navigator
    Strange Land Awakening Shards - Celestra, A Stranger in Time
    Rebel Awakening Fragments - Guy Fawkes Eddie
    Offworlder Awakening Fragments - Final Frontier Eddie
    Nuclear Awakening Fragments - Doomsday Eddie
    Hallowed Awakening Fragments - Phantom Eddie, The Count, Dracula

    Unsure about which are needed for the following: Khan Eddie, The Mercenary, Seventh Son Eddie, Merlin Eddie, Visions Eddie, Visions of Edorado, KIllers Eddie
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    Since the latest update, Eternity shards drop from Eternal dungeons (took me about 20-25 keys to get the 6 needed for one Max Awakening). I think I might have had Avalon and Festive shards drop from souls but I'm not 100% certain. Celestials do drop from Awakening Souls but at a seemingly very low chance.
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    Night City Awakening only drop in homoeopathic doses in Baphomets Bar :-(
    in 500+ runs I only got 1.
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    Not sure if this if the right place to be posting this, but what is the best way to obtain special awakening shards (more specifically celtic awakening shards)?

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