Wondering if there is any general advice. I assume I will want to be on wifi. I will do the tutorial and then link to my FB account. Anything else I should do to prep my device, or my account?

The reason I’m doing it: LoL XV continues to freeze on Wave 4—the teams are “staring at each other” and there is no Exit option, requiring a force stop and restart. I’ve tried different teams and talismans, and the only common factor is a fully maxed Cyborg Ed with the T3 talisman, I've changed everything else. I am running auto-replay at 3x speed.

It’s hard for me to imagine that my account could be causing a specific dungeon, specific wave to freeze, but unless everyone who runs a Cyborg on LoL XV is getting the same issue, that’s the last thing I can try. I’ve put in a ticket with no response.