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    powerslave frontier confusion....

    okies... I am tired. been a long very freaking cold week and I am not at my best. So I am asking the following questions...

    Powerslave Frontier is a new frontier dungeon that has an event tied to it.
    This dungeon requires a key to access.
    We were not given any keys and thus have to buy said keys to access the dungeon that happens to have an event tied to it.
    There is a sacrifice event going on at the same time. So a lot of gold has/is/was (wtf ever) being spent to crack souls open. (100+ assorted reg souls and not a single fecking 5*)
    Sacrificing characters doesn't have a spectacular return on gold even when its a full vortex.
    The daily quests give a feck all amount of gold.
    Grinding anywhere other than in the event dungeon ensures that its almost impossible to complete the event. But you have to buy the key first.
    So I can burn frontier coins or gold to buy said key.

    Dudes completely utterly craptastic event. You could at the very fecking least give us 3 keys for the bloody dungeon. I would make a snide comment about intelligence but thats not the issue here. Cause we all know this about putting the majority of the player base in a bind situation where they have burned through most (if not all) of their resources so they have to spend actual money to participate in the event. Then again it might actually be an intelligence thing.

    So its probably a good thing that I actually have pharaoh ramesses eddie.

    So yeah. Great job.
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