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    Nomad is for the character, The Nomad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by annouvis25 View Post
    nomad talisman or horus ? nomad is for ramseys? i dont have toons for for both
    Horus is one of the "god's of egypt" characters in the Frontier store and available for purchase with Frontier coins. He is also now Awakenable. The Horus cosmic talisman is best suited for this character and when he is fully maxed. The cosmic abilities will not work on any other character or un maxed Horus.

    Nomad is a Warrior character available in various types of souls.... he is pretty standard. They recently boosted his stats and passive. The Nomad cosmic talisman effects only work on a 5* lvl 100 Nomad.

    Ramesses is a "passive only" version of Pharaoh Ed that is now earnable in this dungeon, there is no specific cosmic for him.... any will do.

    Good Luck!
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    For anyone still reading and sweating, with a pile of Powerslave Keys rusting because they're worried about Power Level: fear not. Beating this Dungeon is actually somewhat trivial since the nerfing of the final wave (if you've been playing as long as I have... and a lot of ya'll have apparently been playing much longer). Most people probably have a Piece of Mind Eddie, seeing as how he was featured during a sacrifice event and has been around for ages? Great. Here was my Super Turtle Team:

    Christmas Ghost (Fortune, Warlord)
    Christmas Ghost (Alchemy, Cosmic)
    S. Onyx Sun (Celestial, Cosmic)
    PoM Ed.: (Artifact, Cosmic)

    That's right. I used all the silly things. My average run time was about 2min15sec.

    Is this a great team? No. But the Ghosts could really be replaced by other Turtlely stuff pretty easily (I use a Desert Gaurdian in my Arena Defense Team still/Sentinel has all sorts of options like this) and PoM Eddie plus a few tricks was plenty of power to get through the dungeon. Listen: I don't have Killer Prime. I don't like the Sentinel class. I... sort of made it work.

    The only thing that is really necessary (or ... recommended, probably not "necessary") is Artifact on PoM. And if you're worried about the dungeon breaching your defenses (as I was), a Revive unit (Onyx Son did double duty that way) + some babysitting should put your mind at rest. (I would have suffered a few losses w/out babysitting. But hey - this is the shiny, new, hard dungeon for which I'm "missing" all the "recommended toons," in a class I have trouble wrapping my head around, and it really wasn't too, too hard to solve... (first team set-up))

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