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    every awakening breaking meta

    so i have had an idea on how we can get a sort of slow down this arena meta breaking madness and have some stability for a little while i know it sounds crazy but it makes sense
    we need a large scale awakening event Like the LoL mega event over a month where it gives something huge like 10 new awakenable toons but as an improvement run it with a snowflake style frag store like you did for decemeber this would solve the problem because if this was done and then no new awakenable toons where brought out for a few months and (it would mean that as long as price scaling was fair then max awakening materials wouldnt be a problem especially since many awakening materials list alternste uses from the toons they are released with a full list of this will be at the bottom of this post ) it would give people time to obtain the toons and get them powered up and have a lot of use rather than just they are released then made redundent by a better version best example of this alchemist and raven witch raven was released she was solid but now she is redundent as a cleanser because alchemist can wear the same talis and is so much better my raven witch just sort of sits in as a gauntlet toon now and i havent bothered to max awaken her because i feel its a waste of 10 mil and awakening materials

    wicker awakening shard anything from wicker islie
    shinobi cosmic shinobi and samuari toons
    hell awakening shard Beast plus underworld toon (prisoner will probs use the same)
    pyrimid cyborg and also any BNW toon dragon king when?
    so yeah my point is theres enough to do it with it just needs done to be honest this is just my oppinion but i would be curious to hear everyone elses oppinion

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    More like I need an event during 1 entire month called catch up with the thousands of stacked keys.
    Not events that drain my few Frontier coins, or reduced ironite, or lesser gold to optain unique talismans that serve like cosmic. In a while we will have unique cosmics for each character and then the normal cosmics will be obsolete, as well as non awakened characters. Plus more than 500 slots for infinite sets of talismans.

    This is seriously getting out of hand. And I like to play this game, but in a slow pace.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hugoW View Post
    This is seriously getting out of hand. And I like to play this game, but in a slow pace.
    I agree, it's like thay're creating a monster they cannot tame.

    I have a ton of keys I cannot even think of using.
    Had some stash of Frontier coins that just might barely be enough to finish this Horus event, that isn't an event, but is coinciding with an event during an event...

    Ain't so sure about the Ironite though.

    We'll see... definitely not pleased to have ALL of my resources drained, but I could have chosen to skip it (as if I could )

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