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    Quote Originally Posted by Ceeg_LOTB View Post
    [SIZE=4][B]Completions after this will reward Evo Shards as well as a chance at Eternity and Serenity Talismans.
    I think it is Eternal and Fortune Talis, or did I miss something?

    Quote Originally Posted by BenjaminBreeg View Post
    Could you please start to work on the problem of storage? Each update only brings more and more Data, bloating the app. I'm now at 3 GB and actually I don't want to reinstall the App after each update.
    You are right, the app is really big! I remember that my old phone did also not have enough storage for LotB But one thing I saw regularly: After a while, storage size is decreased again automatically, as old data seems to vanish. But of course that's no big help directly!

    Apart from storage, I am more concerned about the "invenory storage" in-game! Dear devs, would you like to share your ideas about that topic with us? For when is the next increase for character + talisman slots planned? I mean you really release a lot of this stuff on a weekly basis, but inventory capacity was not increased since....don't remember, too long ago. This would be really helpful!

    Also I think the compendium is nice with the new sorting options etc., but we would really need to have some better sorting and finding options in-game! Especially as the number of talis and characters is soo high now (and steadily increasing), better filter, sorting and finding options are needed! A comeback of the option to have same characters next to each other independent of stars and levels would be great, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blade View Post
    I think it is Eternal and Fortune Talis, or did I miss something?
    Good catch! It is indeed Fortune Talismans that drop here. I'll make that correction to this post. Cheers!

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    Why can’t it drop serenity’s?
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