That's funny that I come across this thread today... I've been grinding LOL 14 and when I get 1000 awakening soul fragments I've been buying the packs and I was really wondering if it was worth it. It's a roll of the dice I have a couple of the LOLs max awakened trying to get Dark Lilith. I have 3 to go and they are pretty close, but I need the 5* evo materials... And sadly I need about 150 of the gunner regular evo blocks too... guess it will be a busy Sunday.

One of the things I noticed was how many redemption soul fragments are dropping. I don't have any need for more of those other than sacrifice... wish you could buy materials with those.

I really wish there was a way to tell what fragments were required for certain things in the stores. So many of the frags look the same so you never really know what frag it is until you use it. Then you wonder if you should have used it somewhere else...

Guess I need to keep better notes!! Up the Irons!!!