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    Talisman evo runes

    Done servers runs today to try and get some 2* runes yo level up talismans to 5* with spending 1 mega refill and 3 normal refills I only managed to farm 23 colourless, surely devs need to up the drop count on these, I understand they are in business to make money but this is just killing the game. My team is nowhere near strong enough to farm the dungeons so UW, BNW and BF is really my only option. Either Iíve been real unlucky or the drop rates are shockingly low

    So question is where is the best place to get the tali runes

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    BNW is supposed to be the place for farming normal talisman upgrade material, you also got them through sacrifice and some Skull Quests. The higher you get, the higher the material will be. I remember, when I started the game I had to buy some very pricy talisman upgrade packs. Cause I needed to get better talisman to climb higher higher in BNW. I'm not sure it's still good advice but I'd read the convo on BNW to get the most from what you have already.

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