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    Sweeping the Toxicity Away, Counter the Meta

    Last Week's Arena Winners were Wipp, Discordian and myself, TheFirstGC. Yes this time we swept Arena again, no surprise there. This time it was different, I lead the charge. I had felt that this time around was my chance to tackle the mountainous climb that is Eternal I. Along the way I had encountered The Good, The Bad and The Most Righteously Heinous. My god, was this an everliving shitshow of a Meta.

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    The Good:
    As I was climbing the long way to the top (If I wanted to Rock & Roll), I had come across many teams that were diversified, I loved seeing the teams that others had put together to ward off attackers. Ranging from Gold Idols to Witch Doctors, it was amusing and fun to see what teams people had churned out. Had a blast steamrolling those teams, some with more resistance than others.

    The Bad:
    I had climbed and climbed to the top and it was made clear to me what the challenges ahead were. At that time I didn't have a Maxed Moonchild to stand up to others as well as not a full set of Lab talismans. (I'm a bit paced at some things, I focus on what suits me at that moment). I had climbed to the top, reached Eternal I when the refresh was 3 days away or so. Then in my Discord, some of the members alerted me to the Italian Facebook group for this game. They had translated what they said to me and I was amused what they had come up with for witty responses. Since I do not speak Italian nor am I a part of that FB group, I had someone go in and explain tot hem what was going on at the top. The whole reason why that came up to me is because they were mad about me attacking them over and over and over, which if any others that had reached Eternal rank, cannot help.

    The Most Righteously Heinous:

    This part, hooo baby is this a shitshow of a Meta. From BHE with Sacred and Serenity talismans to The Killer overriding things, I got thoroughly pissed. This Meta is and will be the most Heinous of all time in my book. What it all boiled down to was: if you didn't have The Killer on your Defense, your team was going to lose 75% of the time. Moonchild with Labs and a Vamp cosmic or Echo wasn't as bad as people made it out to be, but still frustrating. The most frustrating part of that was having a Past cosmic on him, which was only available through IAP. Now, let's get to the most plaguing thing in Arena now, The Beast. The Beast by all standards when fully awakened is amazing, with a nice compliment of whatever talismans you put on him. The most synergistic talisman works is Lantern with Warlords for him. My god, that is a fun combo and it's a good one. The only issue is here is when he hits, he heals, which is what his basic description is supposed to do. When he is put on a defense team and they go first, expect for you to be forced into a loss. Him getting so many extra turns makes it impossible for you to win, even if Moonchild is on your team. All top Arena players can agree to this.

    Well, that's my post for this, although I don't post much on the fourms. I advise others to whom must be toxic about this game from slander to outright pursuit of another person: Save it. Save it for the battlefield when Clan Wars come. Use your toxicity to a better goal, prove that you can be higher than a moral low that hurts others. This is a game, not some powerhouse route to global domination.

    Romeros Legion will see you on the Battlefield in Clan wars.

    That is not dead which can eternal lie, that of the eternal must fear The Living Dead.

    Leader of Romeros Legion,

    Galactic Cosmos
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    Hi, congrats to you, Discordian and Wipp.
    You, GC, kicked my ass badly a LOT of times in the arena last week but I understand it. It's the game. If I were you I would have done it the same way. What I don't understand is people insulting others. At the end of the day it's only a game. Cheers.

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    Congrats GC! And thank you for the nice write-up about the process--the good and the bad. I know I will not surpass my peak in Arena at #4 (a few weeks ago). The meta right now is too time-consuming. If you want to get to the top you better start right away at midnight GMT and go for the whole time. All those moonchild battles! I'll be hanging out in the 4500's from now on. I'll be curious to see how this meta will change, and I look forward to that! I think vampiric is worse in some ways because you think you have the guy killed and then he gets half health back. Whereas with the other (past or future one, can't remember), you know he will be revived and then you will kill him. And thank you for mentioning the Beast BS!

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