I've opened a ticket, [Ticket # 49197] on December 14th.

The issue: LoL XV, 4th wave. All opponents stand there and stare at each other, indefinitely (until the Dungeon expires). There is no 'Exit' option. App must be force stopped. Issue frequently reoccurs immediately, on the 1st run after restarting the app. There have been 3 occurrences within the 1st 35 minutes of the current LoL key I am running.

I have completely uninstalled and reinstalled the app. I have had the exact same issue on multiple devices. I have changed out every member of my team, and their talismans (with the exception of using a Fully Awakened Cyborg Eddie, and the T3 Cyborg talisman).

Devs, PLEASE help me with this issue. If I cannot play the LoL XV level, I may not be able to continue playing this game at all. Meaning all the time and money I've spent will be wasted.