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    I dont believe that it is specific to cyborg on wave 4 of XV. I know members of my clan had similar problems with a different team. It may be due to the third wave with all those buffs the enemies produce. Then it hangs on wave 4. It's similar to game hangs after completing a battle and it hangs before the rewards drop.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Phoenix-7282 View Post
    I had working teams for LOL 15 much before I maxed my Cyborg Eddie which was only 2 months ago. I have only taken him there once to specifically check for this bug. The developers haven't put this in high enough priority probably because there are plenty of alternatives. But the same bug can occur in other places if they don't fix it. This will be more troublesome if it appears in event dungeons. People will be disappointed if they realise that the character that they have spent so much resources on to max awaken can't be used to play the game.

    Sure it is nice that there are alternatives, but I think that posting them in the pinned strategy thread is better and would not undermine this issue to the developers.

    On a separate note, this bug is not just related to cyborg Eddie. It can happen whenever the game does long calculations. I have seen it happen in the halloween dungeon, Odin etc with other characters. This will just get worse in the future because the buff-debuff system in the game is going to get longer and more complicated with every update.
    I don't disagree with a thing you said which is why I see value in us posting teams that both work and fail. Unfortunately we as the players do the brunt of the troubleshooting and testing in this game.

    By posting teams that work frustrated players can find alternatives so that they can still run dungeons and devs can narrow down their list from "long calculations" to "long calculations except from these scenarios in this dungeon".

    Posting teams that fail give the devs an explict and repeatable scenario for testing.
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