I saw there was solicitation for additions to the compendium so here is one.

For each and every effect (even the ones without icons above the characters) could we have a list of the order that effects interact with each other?

For example immunity can be applied in at least 3 ways: a character’s passive, a characters skill or a talisman set/cosmic talisman. I’ve noticed that in certain situations it can be removed and in others it cannot. It would be great to see these situations listed for all effects.

One of the most confusing is how Passive or perfect disable work in certain situations. For example “Passive Disable” applied from a character’s passive (Prisoner, Madam Fortune) or passive disable applied from a character’s attack (Beast Eddie) work differently against the same set of variables. Character passives that remove immunity and perfect immunity like Angel Eddie do not work when it’s a talisman providing the immunity but sometimes work when a passive is proving the immunity.

Then there are characters like Alexander Ed and moonchild where you’d think immunity was redundant but is actually another layer of defense. In order to disable either of their passives it must be done on turn 1. If they have immunity that must be removed first by a passive that “stacks” after said toons passive and is removed from the stack after so it applies because it is the most recent effect removed from the stack.

Rather than go on and on rambling I’ll just say I’m happy to clarify my suggestion if asked, but could we get effect stack or “order of operations” info in the compendium? This is info all players should have to help strategize. If there are bugs, fine. At least we will know about them sooner and can report them. This game should have all the info available and it does, with the exception being that we cannot see talisman setup in gauntlet before entering a battle. This should change and we should not have to “scout” the enemy team and take a loss just to be able to use strategy with all info avail to us. Being able to strategize is a big part of the fun of this game and shouldn’t be like the RNG for souls and in-battle effects etc.

This is a very deeply strategic game and we should have more info available to us.