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Speaking of "lower difficulty" dungeons, the Samurai dungeon drops awakening frags.
It's on the lower side, but the game classifies it as a 5* dungeon in the BoS, similar to Labyrinth and Powerlave. I think that's how they decide what sort of rewards?

Anyway, something I'm going to add to each dungeon is:
Maybe use graphics, but mention, just after the intro to each dungeon, about the Colored Evo bricks, Awakening frags (yes/no) and Cosmic soul frags (gold to fund the awakening,) and whether it drops final stage awakening shards.
Oh that's a good idea. You know, I think that was similar to what I originally intended to do with my "Quick-Reference" images... before I got lost in the details and started adding all sorts of other things to them! But, once we've got a few more of these dungeons all worked out, and collected some more drop rate data, we should be able to put together a nice and simple "What Drops Where And How Often" chart!

I played around with my Airstrip team a bit today, and managed 48 runs on a single key. While it's not much compared to what others are getting, it shows what is possible without maxed relics, or fully skill-sharded characters. There is clearly room for improvement, but I'm pretty happy with it.

WED - Ragnarok/Meteor Cosmic (from the recent event)
A Bomber - Starfire
G Bomber -Limbo/Persecution (For a little extra damage reflect!)
G Rockets - Primordials

I'm starting to come around on the Primordials, they don't give golden defensive buffs often enough to disrupt the Starfires. Forges would be nice, as the dog in the 3rd wave can give Endure, but it's pretty rare thankfully as I'd have to do a bunch of shuffling to find an AOE character to wear them.