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Thread: January Events

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    January Events

    Finally, 2020 will be coming to an end. Let's celebrate the New Year with some Legacy of the Beast events!

    Sacrifice January 2021: Some of you may have noticed that sacrifice currency randomly popped up in the store during the Naughty or Nice Event and the Tiny Tim's Revenge dungeon. I think this bodes for a new mode of sacrifice and how it will work.
    Dark Shores: Odd to see a dungeon at the start of the month. I can only imagine what it will contain.
    Great Potential: Another evolution event. Potential could refer to a lot of talismans, so we'll see what it means.
    Towerfall: Same as usual. A gauntlet rotation where you can get special rewards for doing well and completing challenges.
    Gods and Guardians: Raid Boss events usually either host a talisman set or characters. The last one had Slothful talismans, so if I were to say this one is going along with the Gateway to Avalon mega event, maybe some sort of Knight related character or talismans?
    Scorched Sun: The only mentions of the sun in any character are either the Sun and Steel characters, Flight of Icarus Eddie, or Sun talismans. I don't think it's any of these, so we will have to wait and see here.
    Warrior Knight: The first confirmation that we are getting a Knight character for Avalon. Pretty cool!
    Road to Valhalla: This is the new Nordic Frontier Dungeon. It's supposedly like the Eternal Dungeon but much harder, given that it has the Nordic toons.
    Darkness from Below: I can only think this is Hell related, but we just got out of the Baphomet event. We'll have to wait and see what it actually is.

    Finally, the mega event Gateway to Avalon comes this month. It feels good to see the story of Legacy of the Beast progressing. What are you all hoping to see from the story?

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    For now Iím hoping to get into the game

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