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    Quote Originally Posted by Natasmai View Post
    A whole bunch of stuff
    Reasons why I wish we could upvote on this forum. Transparency goes a long way with the player base. If we knew how things were supposed to be happening or if we are confused it would be nice to be able to reference something instead of filling out a ticket that won't get looked at for weeks or months. Gone are the days where we could just read descriptions and have questions answered. I can't speak for others but I love that the game is getting more complex, I just don't like that we have to go through so many hoops to figure out if we are experiencing a bug or misinterpreting information that we weren't even given.

    Plus the added benefit for the support team of not having to deal with as many tickets and could maybe even make some headway on that growing pile of tickets.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Phoenix-7282 View Post
    Yep, it is the 99% damage reduction that is not working. It happens with the 90% damage block of babylon as well. It is like the babylons aren't even there. In some fights they block damage in the 2nd turn instead. Another thing I noticed today is that celestial talismans can fail too.
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    Perhaps it has something to do with the way or time when you/we equip them?

    Sometimes on Odin/Baphomet it can happen as though you don't have Yggdrasil/Babylon or such sets present on your team.

    The concensus is that the game simply didn't pick up on them at all being present on the team- like an unsync between the game and the server.

    Since when I exit the lobby, or sometimes even restart the game, to refresh my teams I haven't experienced such behaviour anymore.


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