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Considering Durandal has flat out said they think we are lying since they lack the ability to replicate bugs that happen for us virtually all of the time, I have lost what little faith I had in this team.

If you aren't a whale, you don't matter to them.
Please do not spread anecdotal conclusions about things others say when they have not. It is exhaustive negativity that does not aid in finding a solution.

Let me first say that when players collect and share information regarding various bugs on the forum, it helps by a mile. When it comes to support tickets and due to the large number of requests we receive, we have to help based on a hierarchy of priorities. I understand the frustration of highlighting an issue and not seeing it resolved right away, as each of those things is doing something to sour your individual experience.

Regardless of who writes in, spender or not, one of our priorities is ensuring that everyone has access to the game. While a frustrating combat bug might seem critical (and in some cases it can be), there might be another who cannot log in to their account altogether. You might not ever hear from this person or know them personally, but they exist. I understand why you feel like it seems like we're ignoring some issues over others, but know that we're always gathering information about bugs even if we aren't able to personally address every report about the same issue. Fixes and systemic improvements are always being worked on at every given moment, so the challenge is deciding what to patch up or improve first. Sometimes we fix issues knowing we can get them out quickly and sometimes we embark on larger scale fixes that require more time.

When bugs, issues and feature feedback are compiled in forum threads, it makes it more efficient for us to see clearly where something is amiss. The more clarity we receive, the faster and more likely we can fix something. If the information we receive lacks definition and context, we don't assume a player is lying when we say that we need more evidence (why would someone lie about a bug - that'd be trolling on another level). It's that when presented with multiple issues, we prioritize them based on impact as well as how efficient we can be about fixing any particular issue.

There are exceptions to this where despite not having clear reproducible steps, the impact of a given issue is weighted heavily enough that we'll pause other projects in order to find out what's happening. A recent example of this was with Babylon Talismans. They were reported as bugged, but it turned out that the talismans themselves were working perfectly fine and that the real issue was sourcing from something else. This repeated investigation would have been less likely if it weren't for the nature of the issue and the clear and testable information provided by a particular player. While that time could have been spent on a few minor bugs, the issue was critical enough that it was worth pursuing further.

When reporting bugs, any information helps, but know that every bit of extra information can make a big difference in how fast we are able to address particular issues. Hearing multiple players say "The thing is broken!" will put that issue on our radar for sure, but citing specific details (such as the exact combination of characters and talismans on both teams in a battle and if possible, a recollection of the order of events that lead up to a bugged interaction) will make a world of a difference. This is because there are some issues that seem like they stem from one source but are in fact due to another.

Anyways, apologies to anyone in this thread if they were expecting specific shout outs to issues listed throughout. Major props to the constructive individuals who put this kind of stuff together. Know that we'll try to approach and fix as much as we can at any given time. Thanks for helping us improve the game for everyone, veterans and novices alike.