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    How many clans have full participation?

    In the clan I joined, it seems like about 25/30 people check in daily on average. I'm wondering if this is standard, or if most clans have full (30/30 check-in) participation. Since daily check-ins are pretty much the only clan functionality at the moment, I'm just wondering if I'm way behind the average payoff, or if I should be looking for a different clan to join. How is this working for everyone else?

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    CL has 30/30 every day which means weíre constantly getting 40 tributes for checking-in daily. Thx a lot guys.
    And yes, clan activity basically is limited to that feature and clan store purchases. Thatís why we have a clan discord which in the meanwhile can be considered as a second forum. A lot of threads and high activity amongst our members. Perfect platform for communication about the game, music, private stuff and many more.
    Just recommendedable 🤘🏻.
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