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    Moonchild and the Super Turtle Offense

    SS grade, third fight, second Max. Awakened Moon-. I guess this is the new normal.

    I'd already used my best Moony answer taking down a Max. Awakened Beast. So I had to think a second. In so doing, it occurred to me (as it has before) that if this is the new [gauntlet] normal, I couldn't rely on certain units to beat each separate -child. There had to be a Tali answer.

    And it occurred to me, as it has before, that the best Tali answer might be Orbits. (I don't have Orbits.) So I had to think some more.

    Enter the Super Turtle Offense.

    First: I play a lot of Magic, the Gathering, and my playgroup uses the verb "to turtle" to mean "protect yourself really well without any intention of being aggressive." There are a lot of ways of doing this. In Magic...

    Super is an adjective meaning "awesome."

    So, the best healing Tali set in Legacy has to be Artifacts. (Right? Maybe not. I don't really care; It's the assumption I made.) Artifacts scale based off your magic, and are made fair because they don't offer any damage reduction. That's great for me, because I'm going to pair them with the best damage reduction Tali in the game to beat Moonchild. I'm going to beat Moonchild with Ragnarock and Artifact: he will literally heal me full-up every time he attacks. (That's my thinking, anyway. It's a decent hypothesis, but my hypotheses don't always work out.)

    Enter my favorite Eddie to play with: Ace's Bomber. I like him because he's weird. Right? When do you want to damage your own buddies? When someone or something is hitting you with area damage. That's when. Then Artifact will trigger, and Artifact will trigger again.

    I don't actually play Ace's Bomber that often, and I don't really know what he does attack-wise. Who cares? It's all part of the theory. I mean the hypothesis. Whichever. I'll stick some Persecution on him and that will be my win condition.

    Oops. I'm running out of room for Alchemy. Should I add it on my last dude? Nah. I'll just do Forge and Sacred. Doesn't matter who carries the set. Moonchild will come in with his area damage and give me double Artifact triggers, double Forge triggers, double Sacred triggers. He'll literally keep me alive long enough to kill him.

    There's a problem. The Max. Moonchild team is also playing Max. LOLs (W+M) and Alex Ed. I'm sensing Orbits. I'm sensing Ragnarock. I'm sensing instant death from the M LOL and his doom funny business.

    So I'm sunk. Scrap the Super Turtle Offense. Right??

    Nah, I got this cool new Cosmic T. I'll just use A. Shinobi and put my Artifact set on him. He can't get doomed, and so long as my buddy Moonchild keeps me healed up and my enemy can get any sort of Golden effect, I can take it away and revive my team. It's perfect! (Wait. Can it? My enemy? Get gold effects? It must be able to. Now is not the time for thinking. It's the time for action!)




    It worked. I didn't even come close to dying. It was one of the most comfortable fights I've ever fought.

    So there you go. [Perhaps] one more answer to Moonchild. If you have any creative solutions to your second or third Max Awakened abomination, feel free to post those, too!
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    You are bloody fine strategist!

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