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    Ya know what would be really nice....


    During these "mega" events or longer grinding events, often after getting the prized item one is left with a bunch of fragments for lesser-desired things. Stuff like Awakening souls, Catalyst souls, small amounts of gold or ironite, stones, etc.

    What would be REALLY nice is if I could spend these frags on SOT/SOW refills.
    Why NOT have a SOT mega-refill for 3,000 frags?
    Or a standard SOT refill for 1,000 frags?
    Or 50 SOW for 1,000 frags, 100 SOW for 3,000 frags?
    That would be more valuable to me than 50 ironite (3 times) .. and even after that I'm left with thousands of frags.

    Basically I see I've got thousands of "mega-event" frags.. so I go looking.... nothing in the store I can really use now that I have the General's Cosmic T3 and DDP Ed.... So if I spend frags it's done more to simply throw them away than on anything I will find overly useful. SOT/SOW WOULD be useful and worth collecting more frags as a secondary goal. For example.. since Explosive frags drop for an achievement in the current LOL grind event, using those Explosive Frags for SOT refills would allow me to grind more in the LOL event.
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