Here is a compilation I put together using various clips from Iron Maiden and Bruce Dickinson solo material.

I was a bit buzzed one night while listening to Iron Maiden (the first 7 albums) when the idea came to me. Off the top of my head, I had about 6 or 7 obvious ones in mind - but I wondered if I could fill in the blanks. After a few more listening sessions (and some internet searches of albums I am not too familiar with) the list began to fill out. Realizing that I would come up short if I stuck to only Iron Maiden songs, I decided to include Bruce's solo music - which filled in the remaining gaps (except for one that I simply could not find anywhere).

For this final missing piece, I confess that I fudged it a bit. While not being correct, it did fill the sequence almost seamlessly (and it passes by so quickly that one might not even notice). So I figured, what the hell - it works, and I got a kick out of actually pulling off this ridiculous idea. In the likelihood that some die-hard fan(s) would spot this and proceed to get all uppity about it, I figured it was best to come clean in advance. After all, it is not meant to be taken seriously - just a humble tribute to the vocal artistry of Bruce Dickinson.